Balance is hard for me right now. Being in college I have a duty to do my homework. But, I struggle with it sometimes because ever since I discovered Baduk all I can think about is those beautiful black and white stones being placed on a well balanced goban.


What is Baduk to me

Playing Baduk is like watching art being formed in front of your eyes. Baduk is a dance that two people engage in. It is the ultimate battle of wits. When you play you can feel the power of each play, every stone has a story and certain people can hear them while some can’t. I want to be able to hear the stones when I play, I want to dance with the best of them and, I want to be able to be one of the players that people look at and respect my ability. This is why I play Baduk.

The blog is here

Hi glad you found your way to the The Joseki blog. I am Jeromie Williams and this is my first blog. I wanted to make a blog about Baduk (also called Go or weiqi but for simplicity sake I just say Baduk) it will also have my life as well but I will have it centralized around Baduk.

Now I am new at blogging so I’m not completely use to WordPress so bear with me. The odds of me changing things here are very high so keep that in mind. I am always free to talking with you guys the best thing is to talk to me on twitter that’s where I will respond the quickest. If I make a mistake tell me about I want to become aware of these thing so that you guys can enjoy this blog even more.