My Summer

So far I have I have more time to study but now that I got a job I have to make changes to when I study, sometimes I have to get up early other times I have stay up late. But I am doing whatever it takes to become the best I can be. Even though I’m in school I would leave it all behind to become a pro. I might be willing to drop everything, except I have someone I don’t really want to leave. Well that’s my update. I do this just to keep a journal but I want others to know what goes on in my mind.



A teacher

I found someone that is willing to teach me for free, which is great except I now have a job that at first was at first only 8 hours a day has now turned to 10 hours 5 days a week starting 5-31-16. The worst part is that on June 25 I plan on going to the Evanston go tournament it’ll be the first time I will have a played a person in real life. I want to win it, so my teacher has assigned me to study life and death and a tesuji problem every week. I plan on improving to 9 kyu as fast as possible. Wish me luck!!


I’m back for good

I’m sorry I left, I just was busy and couldn’t update weekly like I said I would. But that means I have some stuff to post now to catch you back up. But the stuff I have to say is great I can’t wait to tell you guys.