Being alone (rant)

I been feeling a little like ranty lately I had put something on Reddit and that was just straight off the top of my dome no organization just straight feelings. I’m going to do a rant in here as well:

The thing that really sucks about playing go is the fact that no one else really does. I know there are people in the US who do but, I mean the people around where I live. The only kinda consistent is my father who has had some interest but he isn’t wholly committed to the cause. They don’t have to be like me but I want at least one person that I know wants to play not all the time but most and will put up a fight. It is fun to see beginners place along the border of the 9×9 but that amusement only stays novel for so long.  I am a very competitive person I love to just to try win because I enjoy it. But I don’t have that because I may have online go (thank god) but that is impersonal, I want to see the person across from react and vice versa. I highly cover a rival someone that push me to better while I push him or her to be better. 

Ok that’s all I got to say sorry for the lack of organization, my mind was all over the place.


6 thoughts on “Being alone (rant)

  1. Joe's Ekki says:

    can i learn with and from you? I was excited to learn go existed after the alphago stuff, but then really had trouble picking the game up. then I’ve been focused on other things. HOw can I get in contact with you?


  2. RocketJunkie says:

    You know, you could post some of your games here. With comments from you. You know, the games you found interesting 🙂


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