I had to take a break

I had decided to take a break three or four days ago, I didn’t really want to but it needed to be done. I wasn’t studying anything like I was last month and it showed in my games I played (live games). I feel it is because I burnt myself out because I did 700 life and death problems last month (I didn’t have data so the only thing I could do was problems). So I decided to take a break because on Reddit it seemed to be the popular suggestion. So I set my account to vacation on OGS. It was definitely hard to do because I always wanted to check on Reddit or the Facebook page but I took that as a good sign because I have a tense by to be really into something new for about two weeks and then drop it for something new. I’ve been playing go for 6 months so that’s pretty good. I actually want to continue playing this game because I feel it would teach so many life lessons and a gateway to meet new people. Regardless, I have come back from Go today, the day before I start school, to continue my academic studies and my Go studies a and my goal is that they feed off each other so that I can improve in Go while also getting a high GPA, which is something that I have never really done before (only because I’m lazy). So this post here marks a new chapter in my life and my Go life…no pressure.