I had to take a break

I had decided to take a break three or four days ago, I didn’t really want to but it needed to be done. I wasn’t studying anything like I was last month and it showed in my games I played (live games). I feel it is because I burnt myself out because I did 700 life and death problems last month (I didn’t have data so the only thing I could do was problems). So I decided to take a break because on Reddit it seemed to be the popular suggestion. So I set my account to vacation on OGS. It was definitely hard to do because I always wanted to check on Reddit or the Facebook page but I took that as a good sign because I have a tense by to be really into something new for about two weeks and then drop it for something new. I’ve been playing go for 6 months so that’s pretty good. I actually want to continue playing this game because I feel it would teach so many life lessons and a gateway to meet new people. Regardless, I have come back from Go today, the day before I start school, to continue my academic studies and my Go studies a and my goal is that they feed off each other so that I can improve in Go while also getting a high GPA, which is something that I have never really done before (only because I’m lazy). So this post here marks a new chapter in my life and my Go life…no pressure.



Being alone (rant)

I been feeling a little like ranty lately I had put something on Reddit and that was just straight off the top of my dome no organization just straight feelings. I’m going to do a rant in here as well:

The thing that really sucks about playing go is the fact that no one else really does. I know there are people in the US who do but, I mean the people around where I live. The only kinda consistent is my father who has had some interest but he isn’t wholly committed to the cause. They don’t have to be like me but I want at least one person that I know wants to play not all the time but most and will put up a fight. It is fun to see beginners place along the border of the 9×9 but that amusement only stays novel for so long.  I am a very competitive person I love to just to try win because I enjoy it. But I don’t have that because I may have online go (thank god) but that is impersonal, I want to see the person across from react and vice versa. I highly cover a rival someone that push me to better while I push him or her to be better. 

Ok that’s all I got to say sorry for the lack of organization, my mind was all over the place.

Tournament Results (Finally)

I had been looking forward to this tournament for months. It would be the first time I will be able to play someone else in Go in real life. I had desperately craved the chance to play on a goban and seeing my opponent face to face. I can remember pulling up to the place it was being held at,a church, and feeling a little nervous. I had to sniff myself just to make sure I smelt OK (first impression are everything) but of course because I was rushing to get out the door I forgot to put on cologne but at least I remembered to put on deodorant.

The church is hot and they have only like 5 fans spaced apart. But that’s OK I don’t mind, the only thing I can remember is that I was wearing a light blue and was praying that no sweat leaked through the shirt (Spoiler: it didn’t). At the time of the tournament I was 18 Kyu. So my first opponent was the only other 18 Kyu there.  I believe her name was Mary she was nice but my opponent none the less. So I took my seat on the opposite side of her. We did the standard way of deciding who was what color in an even game. This process is called Nigiri, its where one player grabs a handful of stones in their hands and the other player calls out odd or even. If the player guessed right they get to choose and if they choose wrong the person who drew the stones gets to choose.

I chose wrong, so she took black but I wasn’t to upset I just was there having fun and boy I wish I came into this tournament trying to win because this was a weak player I should have won but instead I was rushing, I didn’t take my time and read out things and that cost me. I lost, she won by resignation because I made so many mistakes, but it was the first game I and I thought I could turn it around…at least that’s what I thought at the time.

Goal achieved 

I finally reached 15k on OGS. That means I have gone from 25k to 15k in 6 months. Growing 10 stones in strength is no easy feat that everyone can accomplish in a short amount of time. Some have done faster, some have done it slower and some, have never achieved it yet. I hit my wall at 19k, when people hit a wall the have trouble advancing and what I’ve read most people have trouble around 10k. But I stepped back kept studying, reviewed my games and, kept with it and soon I was on a roll I have been racking the wins up and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t satisfying. I have been meaning to post what happened at the tournament but I haven’t had time/ to lazy to do it. 



How much?

Go is a game that, in only a couple of months I’ve played, if someone said are you willing to drop everything to be a pro I would say yes. I want to secretly be a pro at this game and I am willing to do whatever it takes to become as good as I can be. I believe I have the potential to become great and that’s why I’m here, to become legendary. Stay tuned as I will climb to 15k before the 25th. After that, 10k next month.


God, I am so busy with work it’s been hard for me to play a live game. Luckily though OGS has corresponding games so I can still a couple of moves a day. I also downloaded these to mobile games and they got me hooked especially since they are doing a collaboration event together. I will have to control my obsession with them and get back to studying my tournament starts on 25th and I haven’t reached my 15k goal.


I seem to be a little lazy on my studying right now. I have books to read and games to play. I have been doing my life and death problems which is good but I should be playing games but I have been a little to timid to play to be honest with you. I think it’s because I really don’t want to lose but I have to overcome this soon. Hopefully after I post this I watch my teachers review and read and then I play a bunch of games. Well wish me luck!!!